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Lockdown 2.0 demo:

A Twist Of The Arm - Demo:

Lockdown 1.0 demos:

Always The Lonesome - Demo:
Ephemera - Demo:
High Resolution - Demo:
New Horizons - Demo:



August 2020 - Lockdown Demos

Mid March 2020 and we're rehearsing weekly as usual, recording our rehearsals with our Zoom L-20 live track and everything mic'd up, a spiders web of cables crisscrossing the room. It's always good to listen back to what you sound like, ready for tweaking next week... Turns out there was no next week..... Well not until August anyway. The enforced hiatus, the longest we've been with out a rehearsal in probably 15 years, meant we had time on our hands but no instruments in them.... Hang on, why don't we just isolate the drums from our last rehearsal and all redo our parts separately, at home. These demos were a bit of a life saver during the darker, early days of lockdown, we all had something we could focus on, time and feelings permitting... 5 or so months later here they are, not mixed, not played particularly well, not polished but nevertheless still something we're proud of... We'll do them all again properly when we're able to get back into a room together, safely.


Matt B - Drums - Module Pilot

Nick - Vocals - Flight Engineer

Mack - Guitars - Payload Commander

Tim - Guitars - Mission Specialist

Matt P - Bass - Spaceflight Engineer





Here you'll find our videos, once we've landed!

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